ABOUT ParkHill Studio

Parkhill Studio is a full time tracking, mixing, and mastering production facility based 30 minutes outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We operate out of Studio B at the mutli-studio facility, OCL Studios. The studio is operated by Darryl Swart who has more than 20 years of studio and performance experience. He moved to Calgary in 2009 after being based out of Nashville, Tennessee for 8 years where he recorded and toured with his band Tree63. During this time he also worked as a freelance drummer and recording engineer.

At Parkhill Studio, we offer the best current technology, as well as tried and tested audio production techniques. We use a combination of vintage analogue gear and modern digital equipment.

In addition to recording your songs, we can connect you with the right producer, session musicians, songwriters, composers, and even marketing and business professionals to make sure that you get the best possible project for your budget.

Whether you are a singer/songwriter starting out with your first demo, or you are a seasoned band working on your latest commercial release, consider working with us.

Take a listen to some of our work on the Recordings page below.

Erwin Vesper @ Parkhill Studio

A first time, exclusive behind the scenes look into one of the world's most mysterious and prolific rock bands, recording their next album at the iconic and legendary Park Hill Studios in Calgary. To our millions of awaiting fans, the full album is due out in March (digital), and vinyl in late summer .